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Atera Vs. Salesforce Essential: Full Review and Comparison

Change management tools like Atera and Salesforce Essential can speed up your change process. Read this post to find out more.

What is Atera?

Known better as RMM or remote monitoring and management software, Atera can cater IT MSP or managed services providers and IT professionals which give you spontaneous platform that puts all of your IT management and monitoring processes in the same place.

This outstanding tool gathers PSA, RMM, and Remote Access that are able to manage, maintain, and resolve your customer problems regardless of location or time. Moreover, Atera uses the best of technician-based pricing scheme, meaning you can afford it even when you have little resources.

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Atera Benefits And Features

  • One-stop RMM Software for MSPs

Atera, designed as a total IT management solution, combines all the remote control. These include PSA and RMM in one platform. With its MSP and IT professionals, this brilliant tool combines all of your IT management in a single software.

Moreover, it has features like advanced reporting, invoicing, billing, patch management, real-time notifications, help desk, scripting, and many more.

  • Better Management Control

As Atera combines everything in a single place, you can easily have total control over all of your business process. These range from managing and monitoring IT networks to automating complex processes.

Additionally, it lets you do other activities like remote control, manage and run patches, tracks IT assets and inventories, performs security checks, download software,

  • SaaS-based System

Unlike other any solution tool, Atera has a straight per technician pricing model. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for negotiations and can be accessed from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Atera Pricing Plans:

Atera offers Free trial, Pro plan for $79/technician per month, Growth for $119/technician per month, and Power for $69/technician per month.

What Is Salesforce Essentials?

As part of Salesforce 2017 segments together with Sales/Service Cloud, Salesforce Essentials is usually produced to assist you, if you occurred to have a small company, sell item quicker and better. Furthermore, this furnished with apps which can be cleverness, providing better customer care while controlling all support channels at once.

Salesforce Requirements offers excellent support with support teams equipment and capability to take care of clients. Likewise, it is about with additional features just like customers assist across stations, extends constant customer encounters, extends steady customer activities, and more.

Salesforce Essentials Features and Rewards

  • Support Clients throughout Stations

When it comes to client service, you have to manage and organize all of the requests that your customers need across diverse channels. With Salesforce Basics, it provides multichannel assist that enables you to function more efficiently whilst solving problems proficiently.

  • ¬†Offer Consistent Encounters

There is no question that consumers and site visitors nowadays will vary demand than previously. They digital experience that they can by no means experienced just before.

Salesforce Essentials includes cohesion and connectivity around touch factors feature which usually empowers one to hook up and connect with buyers instantly. Also, it may create comparable support situations every time you want.

  • Extend Client Self-Service

You will see just an instant when your consumer wants to just resolve the complications they are tired of. Included in this are the correct answer to a good product-related query or various other similar points.

Furthermore, Salesforce can make sure that this is actually solved simply by offering an excellent easy-to-navigate support portal on your buyer immediately.

Furthermore, a solution tool allows you to produce a great info web page like Frequently asked questions and general public Q&A Discussion board. Thus, that permits the clients to hook up with the organization

Salesforce Essentials Pricing Plans:

Salesforce Essentials comes with the free trial. As for another plan, it has Service Cloud Essentials for $25/user/month.

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