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How to work in SAAS from home in the next normal era

Working in SAAS from home is different than working in an office. There is no office to escape to, so you have to find your own space.
In this article we will try to give the best tips on working from home in the SAAS industry:

Maintain a strong presence!

In an office it is easy to just walk around and talk to your co-workers, and if you’re feeling stressed you can go to the kitchen or get a coffee. When working from home, you have to be more proactive and create your own social circle.

If you do not already have one, start a group chat with some co-workers and use it regularly. If you have a family, hang out with them at night (when they are awake) and enjoy their company.
Go out for coffee with someone from the office on your own time. When someone asks if anyone wants to grab a coffee, suggest that everyone else go out because you would like to stay at home for the day. If your boss is cool they will not mind that you want to work from home on occasion.

Working from home can be lonely sometimes, so it’s important to maintain a strong presence in the office environment while working remotely.

Make your house a home!

When working from home using public equipment such as printers or scanners can be annoying because they are always occupied by other people in the office. For this reason we recommend that everyone gets their own printer/scanner/fax machine and set it up in their house so there is no need to go anywhere else when needed.

A desk is also recommended so you can spread out things such as papers or magazines while working at home. It will also be easier to get work done when there is no other distractions around such as children or pets running around.

If possible get a big screen TV and connect your computer to it so that you can watch movies or TV series while getting work done. This is also a great way to escape the loneliness of working from home!

Have some good snacks ready!

Working long hours can cause hunger especially when you are sitting at your computer without any proper food nearby, so make sure you have some good snacks near by! Something salty combined with something sweet will be great for most people.
Make sure the snacks are not too noisy or distracting (e.g. chips bag rustling) so that others in the house won’t complain about them being too distracting during meetings on Skype etc..

Sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else around while working, so having delivery food or pizza nearby might help keeping yourself motivated during long hours of work without any breaks! I know I prefer not having a lunch break because I want my food delivered directly to my desk.. 😉 </meta name=”description” content=”working>

When going out make sure everyone knows where you are and who you’re going with (if they ask).

When working remotely it’s easy to get distracted by something else instead of getting back to work after lunch break; for this reason always make sure your boss knows who you’re meeting with at lunch time, what time you’ll be back, etc.. Make sure he knows that if he needs anything urgent he can call/message/call-me-back-later-message any time during this time period..

😉 Make plans after work! If possible go out with friends after work instead of staying home all evening.. You never know what might happen and it’s nice sometimes being able to hang out together after all those hours spent at work… especially when going out with people from work..

Working hard is important but so is having fun!

During weekends try not staying up too late during nights; otherwise Monday morning will be difficult.. Try not using sleeping pills because they don’t let your body rest properly; instead try taking short naps throughout the weekend..

🙈 If possible take holidays off instead of staying late at night even if there isn’t any scheduled meetings during weekends..

😉 Don’t forget about healthy eating & sleeping habits! I know this sounds obvious but sometimes we let ourselves go for longer periods of time because we’re too busy; however our health really depends on us taking care of ourselves properly especially when working long hours… It doesn’t always have to mean eating organic foods but try avoiding junk food as much as possible… Using healthy snack options (e.g. nuts) will help your body recover properly without affecting sleep patterns so much…

😉 A lot of people also use alcohol as another way of forgetting about problems when working hard; however alcohol seriously messes up sleep patterns which will eventually affect productivity levels enormously… Try avoiding drinking alcohol when stressed and instead try exercising or playing video games… You’ll feel better afterwards..

🙈 As mentioned earlier try taking holidays off instead of staying late at night even if there isn’t any scheduled meetings during weekends (plus nobody likes Mondays anyway)… You’ll appreciate them more afterwards…

Here are some tips to handle your WFM (work-from-home) experience:

1. Make your office less boring

If you are working in an office, you don’t have to be in the same room all day. You can escape to the coffee machine or bathroom and get some fresh air.
You don’t have this luxury when working from home. You have to make your home office much less boring to be able to focus for hours on end.
The best way to make your home office less boring is to get some plants. They will not only make your room look more appealing, but they will also improve the air quality, and reduce noise.

2. Use headphones or earplugs

The worst thing that can happen when working from home is having a noisy neighbor who likes to slam doors and play loud music before 11 am.
This is why you need headphones or earplugs with you at all times (unless you are the one playing music at full volume). This way you will not be interrupted by the noise of other people.

3. Let people know what time zone you’re in

Your clients might think it’s weird if they call you at noon and you answer the call at 3 pm because you were sleeping or taking a power nap (we all need one of those).

4. Don’t leave the house without your laptop

If you go somewhere without your laptop, do not expect to get any work done that day (unless it’s really urgent). You might end up doing some chores or going out with friends, but when you get back home at 6 pm, it’s game time again! Don’t waste that precious time sleeping when you could be working! 🙂

5. Have an emergency phone line

Your internet might cut out once in a while, but usually it’s stable and it won’t cause any problems (hopefully). Your cellphone reception might be unstable as well, but without internet and phone reception, your business is pretty much dead anyway.  So make sure that if something like this happens, there is someone who can help out immediately: a friend or family member who can pick up the phone if someone calls for a question, or someone who can fix it for you if there is an emergency.  Sometimes it might even be useful for that person to know a little bit about programming!