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Digital Adoption Benchmarks

Do you have various digital adoption benchmarks in place before starting your digital adoption efforts? If not, then now is the time to make one. Why? Let us find out below.

Digital Adoption Benchmarks

What is a digital adoption benchmark? It is a set of Digital adoption metrics that are set in place before you begin your digital adoption efforts.

Why have digital adoption benchmarks?

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1. To see if you are on the right track or not for your digital adoption efforts.

2. You can compare your progress to that of other companies across industries to see how well you are doing.

3. You can use it to measure your customer satisfaction levels, customer retention rates, employee satisfaction levels, employee retention rate, etc.

How do you establish a digital adoption benchmark?

1. Evaluate your existing customer/employee satisfaction levels and find out what they think about your company, products, services, etc.

2. Ask them if they are happy the way things are the way they are, or if they want something better. if they are not happy with your product, then you have to find out the reason for that.

3. Survey to find out what they want from you. If they do not know what they want, then ask them what they do not like about your product/service.

4. Now this is the most important part. Do a benchmark analysis of all the surveys you conduct using an established tool or through an online survey service provider to find out the deficiencies in your product/service delivery, price, perceived value, etc.

5. Now take all this information and evaluate whether you are on the right track or not in your digital adoption efforts.

6. If you are on the right track, then great but if not then now is the time to fix it before it is too late for your company to survive in this market, so go ahead and take action now.

Digital Adoption Benchmarks: What to Measure

What do you have to measure? First, you will need to define what exactly you want to measure, and then you can try and find ways to measure it. Under the Digital adoption benchmarks, you will need to take into consideration the below:

  • Product quality and specifications: This includes product design, price point, delivery time, packaging, etc.
  • Customer satisfaction: This includes customer retention rate, customer retention rate after the sale, customer satisfaction levels, etc.
  • Employee satisfaction: This will include employee retention rate, employee satisfaction levels, etc.
  • Reputation: This is how your company is perceived in the market; products and services offered by you will determine your reputation in the market.

It is important to know what you want to measure before you start your digital adoption efforts because if you do not know what to measure, then how do you know if your efforts are successful or not?

Last Words

The good thing about digital adoption benchmarks is that there are various tools available out there to help you set them up and measure them properly. If you have any experience with digital adoption benchmarks please share it in the comment section below so that others could benefit from it too.

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