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Digital Transformation Head

Do you already have a digital transformation head? This person is the key to a successful transformation. How so? To know, keep on reading.

Digital Transformation Head

A digital transformation head is someone who has the right combination of business acumen, technical understanding, leadership qualities, and the ability to lead change. They are the ones who can bring together the right people (from different functions) and guide them in the right direction. 

Further, they can also drive digital transformation from their leadership position. This is critical in an organization with a large number of employees and a bureaucratic structure. 

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But most importantly, they should have a vision for digital transformation. What is their purpose? Why do they want to do it? What benefits will it bring to the organization? How will they measure its success?  

Well, their purpose is to deliver value to the organization and make it more competitive. Bringing value to the organization is the only way they can survive in this highly competitive world. The value can be in multiple forms: faster time to market, improved customer experience, higher ROI, improved employee productivity, and so on.

What about their vision for digital transformation? Most organizations lack a vision for digital transformation. They just want to do digital transformation but don’t know why and where they want to go. This is a sure recipe for failure. 

Digital Transformation Head: Challenges

The biggest challenge for digital transformation heads is to make the organization ready for digital transformation. To do this, they need to spend a significant amount of time with the employees and understand what is stopping them from becoming a digital organization. 

The most common issues are:

  • lack of IT competency
  • lack of clarity about the purpose and direction
  • fear of change
  • and more

So, digital transformation heads need to spend some time and effort with their employees and create an environment where they can deliver value faster and better than their competitors. This will go a long way in transforming the organization.

What Are the Success Factors

Digital transformation heads need to have the right vision and be able to convert this vision into reality with the help of their team. They should be able to manage multiple moving parts with ease and not get bogged down with the day-to-day management tasks. What’s more? They should be excellent communicators who can communicate with their team members and other stakeholders openly and transparently. 

Now, when we talk about other stakeholders (such as customers and suppliers), we can’t ignore the media (social media influencers). Digital transformation heads must be able to interact with them as well. 

The job is challenging, no doubt! But if you find someone who has all these skills, you found your digital transformation head. And that could be your best bet at driving digital transformation in your organization. So, don’t wait! Look for someone who has these skills and build your digital transformation team. If you do so, your transformation will surely be a success.

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