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Digital Transformation KPIs

How do you measure your journey’s success? By having digital transformation KPIs. But how do you know what KPIs are important to make? Let us find out below.

Digital Transformation KPIs

If you are doing a digital transformation, of course, you would want to know its success or failure. How do you measure this success? We have a few tips below to help you.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The success of a digital transformation is directly related to the return it gives to the organization. As simple as that. If you can’t measure it, how can you expect people to take you seriously?

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Have a clear definition of your digital transformation’s goals and the benefits it will bring to your organization. Then, set up KPIs that will give you an idea if you are going in that direction or not.

Digital transformation KPIs for the benefit include:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Increase in sales
  • Higher revenue from increased sales

Digital Adoption Rate

What about the adoption of your new technologies and digital tools and products? How are you going to measure if people are adopting or not?

A digital adoption rate KPI will help you figure out how many people are using the new technologies or products. It will also help you know which channels are more effective, whether it is online or through other channels.

Digital transformation KPIs for adoption include the number of employees using a:

  • cloud-based product
  • new technology
  • new product
  • the new channels to engage with customers 

This will help you know how to improve your digital transformation.

Employee Engagement

What about employee engagement? How do you measure if your employees are engaged or not?

Digital transformation KPIs for employee engagement include the following:

  • Increase in employee satisfaction 
  • Reduction in employee turnover rate
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in customer satisfaction

The answers to these questions will help you measure the success of your digital transformation. It will help you know how to improve it and which channels are more effective. It will also help you find ways on how to keep your employees engaged.

Digital transformation is all about keeping your employees engaged. They need to be involved in its process so that they know what is happening around them. Otherwise, they would feel frustrated and disengage from their work. This will then lead to an increase in the employee turnover rate.

Customer Satisfaction

Of course, you would want to know if your customers are satisfied with your products and services. Again, you need to have clear goals and KPIs that will help you understand if you achieved them or not.

Digital transformation KPIs for customer satisfaction include an increase in

  • customer engagement 
  • repeat purchases
  • the number of referrals from customers
  • the number of online reviews

The success of a digital transformation will depend on its customers. If they are not satisfied, it will lead to a decrease in their engagement and eventually sales.

Have These Digital Transformation KPIs

So, do you have your digital transformation KPIs? Or do you need some help in creating them? We would love to help you. Get in touch with us and let’s build the KPIs that will truly benefit your digital transformation.

Know the factors affecting employee performance

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