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Digital Transformation Using DevOps

Companies are doing digital transformation using DevOps today. What does this mean for them? How can DevOps help in their journey? Find out more below.

What Is DevOps?

What is DevOps? It is a culture and movement that emphasizes integration, collaboration, and automatization. This is a key element of digital transformation.

The DevOps culture is mainly defined by 3 values:

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1. Automation

2. Collaboration

3. Culture

Why do we need to use DevOps? There are several reasons why we need to use DevOps. First, it offers to speed up time to market that is needed during the digital transformation. Second, it offers better business results and helps in achieving customer experience expectations. Third, it helps in reducing cost and risk.

Digital Transformation Using DevOps

What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation means that companies need to transform their way of operating to keep up with the digital changes that they’re facing. This includes their people, processes, and tools.

How does DevOps help in Digital Transformation? DevOps is a key element of digital transformation. It helps in building a culture of testing, delivery, and feedback which is needed in the digital transformation process.

It also helps in ensuring that there is a collaboration between different teams such as development and operations which is essential when they need to work together for better customer experience and continuous improvement.

DevOps also helps in achieving a high degree of automation through continuous testing and release of new features at a faster pace which is very important during the digital transformation process. Then, it also plays a very important role in helping companies to respond to customer feedback at a faster pace by providing more frequent releases and updates.

The DevOps culture also encourages open communication which is essential for this type of organization where there’s a need for constant communication among various teams including operations, development, infrastructure, etc.

The Result of Using DevOps During Digital Transformation

When companies make use of DevOps during the digital transformation, they’re able to achieve several benefits. For example, they’re able to reduce cycle time from months to days for new feature releases.

They’re also able to improve their customer experience as a result of using DevOps. They’re able to respond faster to customer feedback and their improvements are implemented on a more frequent basis.

Here are some ways on how DevOps can help your organization:

  • Ensure that there’s a strong collaboration among different teams including development and operations. This collaboration is vital for a better customer experience and continuous improvement of processes. 
  • Help teams work closely together for better business results. 
  • Ensure that there’s a high degree of automation which is very important during the digital transformation process. 
  • Help in achieving fast release cycles and integration of new features into the product. 
  • Help in ensuring that there’s open communication among different teams.


Digital transformation is a very important element of business growth for companies today. It involves a lot of effort from different teams such as operations, development, and others. 

DevOps plays a key role in this transformation by encouraging strong collaboration among these teams and ensuring that they have better communication with each other which is needed during the transformation process.

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