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Jira Service Desk Vs Wix Answer: Full Comparison

Tools like Jira Service Desk and Wix Answer can hasten your change management process. Read this post to find out more.

What Is Jira Service Desk?

Known as a featured service desk platform Jira Service Desk is created to provide solutions for your ITSM or IT Service Management and customer service. Moreover, this tool allows your IT team to utilize the software to deliver end-to-end services to your customers.

With this outstanding tool, your team can easily handle their needs. These include seeking help, asking for new services, and reporting cases and incidents in the service desk.  Moreover, it can automate streamlines ticket routine and notifications.

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Jira Service Desk Features

  • Automation Of Recurring Tasks

There is no denying that repetitive tasks can get your company waste time and stuck in a place where no good things happen. To change this, Jira Service Desk empowers you to set up automation, lightening up your business workload and enable to focus more on solving critical issues.

  • ITIL-certified service desk

Information Technology Infrastructure Library or ITIL is a set of best practices for ITSM to achieve successful ITIL operations which this tool has. Thus, you can be guaranteed on the service and assist you will receive from it.

  • Jira Software integration

With Jira Service Desk, you can easily identify and address the real cause of your issues and problems. Moreover, this tool boost linking of IT tickets to the backlog of your website.

Jira Service Desk Pricing Plans:

Jira Service Desk comes Free trial plan. It also has another plan like Small Teams for $10/month, Growing Teams for $20/agent/month, Server starts at $10, and Data Center starts at $12,000/year.

What is Wix Answer?

Wix Answer is a support desk software program solution which has all the equipment you need. Furthermore, this tool is usually part of the Wix platform that provides you all of the necessary features to support the client support for free.

Wix Answer contains help desk features like a ticketing system, call center, and numerous much more. Furthermore, this really is made to facilitate Wix users to make use of and influence their particular workplace support.

Wix Answers Features And Rewards

  • Ticket Supervision for Multiple Channels

With Wix Answers, you very easily improve all of your customers aid tickets found in varied channels. These include social network devices, phone, and email. Also, just simply by correctly monitoring all those seats, you immediately respond on your consumer requirements and desires.

  •  Built/in Customer service Assist

Wix Right answers allows one to combine your complete support applications in a single customer service platform. With this way, it is simple to improve the company’s program and understanding basis together with your integrated customer service.

  •  Access to Achievable Info

This brilliant software offers you a great centralized plan that permits you to include a clear and powerful concerning your company process. This similarly consists of the support and actions of clients, products, and support. Thus, it is possible to very quickly develop the best decision once facing difficulties and troubles.

Wix Answers Pricing Plans:

As part of website builder, Wix, Wix Answers is absolutely free for its users.

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