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Kayako Vs. Wix Answer: Full Details, Features, And Price

Change management is not an easy process without tools like Kayako and Wix Answer. Read this post to find out how can they help you.

What Is Kayako?

If you are looking for a tool that can out your customer service channels into one place, then Kayako is the right tool for you. This brilliant solution is a cloud-hosted help desk software that is trusted by 50,000 companies around the world.

Currently, Kayako is used by 131,000 support, helping over 100 million customers. It has the ability to serve in a wide range of customer service needs, including NASA, De Beers, Peugeut, and more.

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Additionally, Kayako supports other business process like live chat, tickets, web, email, calls or self-service, and so on, With this tool, you can effortlessly gain the best insight of your customer queries, including sales trends opportunities, performance metrics, support bottlenecks, to name a few.

Kayako Highlighted Benefits And Features

•    Self-service

Kayako empowers your customer to easily search for their answers and queries as you offer them 24/7 customer service. This process can be via support portal, knowledge base, etc.

•    Advanced Customization

With Kayako features for customization, you will experience the best of it like never before. This tool enables you to create your own ticket and live chat forms for a specific goal and workflow.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly update your customer profiles and fields. Thus, it gives you a better insight and information when changes are needed. 

•    Streamline

Automating repetitive tasks can never be easier than Kayako. It automates a business process like macros, notifications, ticketing, and more.

Kayako Pricing Plans:

Kayako offers Free Trial plan. It also has other plans like Inbox for $9/agent per month, Team for $15/agent per month, Growth for $29/agent per month, Scale for $59/agent per month, and Enterprise for $90/agent.

What is Wix Answer?

If you are looking to get a help application that has every one of the tools you need, then Wix Answer is definitely the tool you should be interested in. As part of the Wix platform, it offers you all of the necessary features to support consumer assistance for free.

Wix Answer is equipped with help office features such as a ticketing plan, call center, and various additives. In addition, it is designed to help users to utilize and leverage their workplace support.

This amazing tool can gain levels your customer’s support program, creating the own support center that is certainly right for the branding, support channels, entry pass supervision, shortly. As well, it includes the right support for the company’s internet site, government phone, etc.

Wix Answers Features And Rewards

  • Ticket Supervision for Multiple Channels

With Wix Answers, you can easily reduce costs of all your consumers assist tickets in distinct stations. These include social websites programs, mobile phone, and email. Furthermore, by simply appropriately checking those ticket, you right away reply on your customer demands and would like.

  • Built-in Local agent Support

Wix Answers enables you to mix your entire support programs in a single customer service platform. This way, you can easily improve the company’s system and knowledge bottom with your built-in call center.

  • Use of Workable Ideas

This brilliant software offers you a good centralized program that allows you to have got a clear and powerful regarding your company method.

That as well involves program and actions of customers, goods, and support. Thus, you may quickly think of the right decision when facing challenges and difficulties.

Wix Answers Pricing Plans:

As part of website builder, Wix, Wix Answers is absolutely free for its users.

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