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LiveAgent Vs. Kayako: Full Comparison For You

Both LiveAgent and Kayako are excellent tools for you to use in change management process. Read this post to find out more about them.

What is LiveAgent?

As an award-winning helpdesk support platform, LiveAgent has all the channels you need in one single package. This brilliant too was distinguished with 2018 Supreme Software Award as well as Experts’ Choice Award for 2018.

 LiveAgent comes with features that support chat, email, social media integration, and more. Moreover, it is considered a powerful helpdesk application that is essential for activities like POP3 accounts, statuses, gamification, contact forms, file sharing, to name a few.

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LiveAgent Highlighted Features And Benefits

  •  Client Engagement

LiveAgent has the ability to set up its platform in the simplest and fastest way. This amazing solution allows you to reach and engage both of your current and prospective clients, empowering you to interact with them in real time. As a result, this tool transforms you to be a more reliable company.

  • Unified Storage

LiveAgent comes with its all in one feature that allows you to handle your business process simpler. Moreover, this tool has an inbox feature that enables you t quickly respond to customer’s requests.

  • Reliable Support

LiveAgent empowers you to support your customer without using chat operator online. Instead, it has a specially designed customer portal where your customers and visitors can get the information they need. Furthermore, it has brilliant chat features that aid your clients in their searches and queries.

LiveAgent Pricing Plans:

LiveAgent  offers Free Trial, Ticket PLAN for $9 per agent, Ticket + Chat for $29 per agent/month, and All-Inclusive for $39 per agent/month.

What Is Kayako?

If you are looking for a tool that can out your customer service channels into one place, then Kayako is the right tool for you. This brilliant solution is a cloud-hosted help desk software that is trusted by 50,000 companies around the world.

Currently, Kayako is used by 131,000 support, helping over 100 million customers. It has the ability to serve in a wide range of customer service needs, including NASA, De Beers, Peugeut, and more.

Additionally, Kayako supports other business process like live chat, tickets, web, email, calls or self-service, and so on, With this tool, you can effortlessly gain the best insight of your customer queries, including sales trends opportunities, performance metrics, support bottlenecks, to name a few.

Kayako Highlighted Benefits And Features

•    Self-service

Kayako empowers your customer to easily search for their answers and queries as you offer them 24/7 customer service. This process can be via a support portal, knowledge base, etc.

•    Advanced Customization

With Kayako features for customization, you will experience the best of it like never before. This tool enables you to create your own ticket and live chat forms for a specific goal and workflow.

Furthermore, you can effortlessly update your customer profiles and fields. Thus, it gives you a better insight and information when changes are needed. 

•    Streamline

Automating repetitive tasks can never be easier than Kayako. It automates a business process like macros, notifications, ticketing, and more.

Kayako Pricing Plans:

Kayako offers Free Trial plan. It also has other plans like Inbox for $9/agent per month, Team for $15/agent per month, Growth for $29/agent per month, Scale for $59/agent per month, and Enterprise for $90/agent.

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