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Samanage Vs. Atera: Full Details, Review, Comparison

Change management tools like Samanage and Atera can speed up your change process. Read this post to find out more.

What is Samanage?

Recognized as an award-winning IT service desk and asset management software, Samanage is also one of the top expert tool choices. This outstanding tool can be easily implemented in your business process through SAAS and cloud model.

Samanage does not need any hardware or software to be installed. Moreover, it does not need any maintenance at all, giving the best service of worry-free.

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After you implemented this solution, it automatically does complicated tasks like collects IT asset configuration data and empowers IT with comprehensive reporting through a simple and elegant interface. Additionally, it allows you to submit any request online, giving the IT support desk with immediate access to related asset configuration.

Samanage Highlight Features And Benefits

•    Offers Essential Features For IT Service Desk

Samanage comes with ITIL Information Technology Infrastructure Library or rule. In other words, it has all the important features that you need in a business process like service support requirements of large IT operations, ticketing, problem and incident solving, and change management.

•    Intuitively And Visually Designed

With Samanage’s Dashboard, you can gain a deep insight into all the IT activity in your company. These important values come in metrics, graphs, KPI key performance indicators, and so on, empowering your managers to get the big picture in one glance.

  • Offload Non-core Daily Tasks To Make IT More Efficient

As you may already know, routine tasks can damage and slow down your IT service. With Samanage feature that allows you to create a self-service portal, you can easily offload their routine. Also, all of its features and service are ITIL certified.

Samanage comes with an IT service catalog that empowers you to define and publish accessible support service in your website. Additionally, the catalog feature can take out and block annoying requests, giving your IT and support team a better working environment.

Samanage Pricing Plans:

Samanage comes with a free trial plan. However, for other plans like a quote-based plan, you need to the contact vendor.

What is Atera?

Regarded better seeing that RMM or possibly remote monitoring and supervision software, Atera can appeal IT MSP or supervised services service providers and professionals which usually give you an impulsive system that puts your entire THAT control and monitoring processes in the same position.

This remarkable tool collects PSA, RMM, and Out of the way Access that happen to be capable to control, keep, and take care of your client complications no matter location as well as time. Furthermore, Atera uses the best of technician-based rates scheme, so this means you can find the money for it even if you have minor resources.

Atera Benefits And Features

  • One-stop RMM Program for MSPs

Atera, designed as a total IT ALL supervision resolution, combines all the push-button control. These include PSA and RMM in one program. With its MSP and IT AGAIN professionals, solution tool combines all of your operations in one program.

Additionally, this possesses features to love advanced report generation, invoicing, payment, patch managing, real-time notices, help table, server scripting, and numerous more.

  • Better Management Control

As Atera combines all the things in a single place, you can easily experience total control of all of your organization process. These kinds of range from controlling and monitoring IT networking to robotizing complex functions.

Additionally, that lets you conduct additional pursuits like remote control, deal with and operate patches, trails THAT investments and selections, carries out protection checks, download program,

  • SaaS-based Program

Not like various other any kind of treatment software, Atera possesses a straight every technician rates model. Furthermore, it eradicates the need for negotiations on terms and can be used from virtually any desktop, device or cell device.

Atera Pricing Plans:

Atera offers Free trial, Pro plan for $79/technician per month, Growth for $119/technician per month, and Power for $69/technician per month.

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