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SysAid Vs. JitBit HelpDesk: Full Details, Comparison, And Review

Change management can increase your company’s productivity and sales. With tools like SysAid and JitBit HelpDesk, you can easily achieve your goal.

What is SysAid?

If you are looking for a software tool that has rich, configurable, and highly-scalable features than SysAid is the right tool for you. It also recognizes by Expert’s Choice Award and Great User Experience Award.

SysAid can be your most important tool if happen to look for both help desk and asset management solution as it all the features that you need. Also, this tool has different modules and platform that you choose.

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Additionally, this tool supports both iOS and Android-based mobile devices, allowing your business to be accessible to customers and visitors anytime and anywhere. SysAid comes with IT management features that have everything that you need in one place, including IT, chat, mobile device management, mobile apps, industry, and so on.

SysAid Features Benefits

  • Scalable IT Help Desk and Asset Management Platform

With SysAid feature for help desk and asset management into one place, it empowers you with its notifications without the requirement of logins. It does this with its Lightweight Directory Access Protocol feature.

Moreover, this tool inventory management system can boost your detection for network and mobile devices. Thus, it allows you to proceed in the process while eliminating the need for manual entry or importation.

  • Help Desk and Remote Asset Management

SysAid is created to automate help desk while managing, controlling, and analyzing your performance remotely. It also allows you to solve simple difficulties and challenges.

Lastly, this brilliant tool can automatically integrate any service request that your customers want via email.

  • System Setup

SysAid enables you to set up without the need of learning about it too much. Moreover, this company offers training and free instruction videos.

 SysAid Pricing Plans:

SysAid comes with Free trial plan. But for Quote-based Plan, you need to contact the vendor.

What Is JitBit HelpDesk?

If you are searching for an extensive help table that comes with a reliable ticketing program, then JitBit HelpDesk may be the right device for you. It had been created to assist you to manage and track inbound request email messages, including connected tickets, harnesses machine learning, automate jobs, and so on.

JitBit HelpDesk is usually unlike traditional help office solution since it has probably the most powerful SNOOZE API that may incorporate with diverse exterior apps. Furthermore, this can also work with your company’s existing software program, email, mention just a few.

JitBit HelpDesk Benefits

• Simplified Support Desk Attempts

With JitBit HelpDesk, streamlining your brokers and customers to the perfect use is not really difficult any longer. This amazing tool may control and manage coming from email seat tickets to access the self-service website easily.

  • Better Client Support

JitBit HelpDesk enables one to handle the customer service within a top quality method. This includes a feature that could very easily display and recommend correct and relevant content articles to clients right away.

  • Efficient Ticket Administration

When that comes to controlling ticket, JitBit HelpDesk is able to see the position of all your brand-new and regular tickets. Likewise, this may use the filtration system feature to customize the view and categorize this at will.

JitBit HelpDesk Pricing Plans:

JitBit HelpDesk offers Free Trial, follows by Helpdesk Ticketing System Small Plan for $1699, Company Plan for $3499, and Enterprise for  $4999.

It also offers SAAS Help Desk Freelancer Plan for $29 per month, Startup Plan $69 per month, Company Plan for $129 per month, and Enterprise Plan $249 per month

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