Change Management

Digital Transformation Process

What is the digital transformation process if you are planning to do the journey? Read on to know more.

Digital Transformation Process

A digital transformation process is a process of change that is aimed to transform the organization for better customer-focused engagement. Nowadays, technology has become the basis of all business activities. So it is very important to embrace new technology and find opportunities within the data that is generated by these technologies.

The digital transformation process helps to bridge the gap between where your business is and where it needs to get. The digital transformation process is more about how you are prioritizing your work, rather than which tasks you are doing. It’s about how you are using your resources, rather than what resources you are using.

The digital transformation process has three main phases:

1) Digital Transformation Strategy Phase

2) Digital Evolution Phase

3) Digital Transformation Execution Phase

Three Process Phases

Digital Transformation Strategy

The first phase of the digital transformation process is to create a strategy. The goal of this phase is to create the vision and the plan for your company’s digital transformation. The approach and how you will be using technology and data should be clear in this phase.

Also, this phase is where you decide which aspects of your business you want to transform. There are various aspects of a business that can be transformed digitally. These aspects include but are not limited to, the customer experience, the employee experience, the product, the pricing model, and the way that you do business.

Digital Evolution

The second phase of the process is about evolution. The goal of this phase is to start implementing your plan to transform your company digitally. It’s about taking your vision and turning it into action.

Also, in this phase, your company should be headed in the right direction. You should be able to see change happening. You should be able to feel it. Further, you should see your efforts delivering real value, and you should be able to measure that value.

Digital Transformation Execution

The third phase of the process is about execution. The goal of this phase is to execute upon everything that you have put into place in the previous two phases. The primary goal of this phase is to take what you have learned, and then apply it to future projects.

Further, in this phase, your company should be able to scale the implementation of the technology and data, as well as the strategies that you have developed. Then, you should ensure that your execution will have the biggest impact and the biggest return on investment.


As we have discussed above, the digital transformation process is a process of change. Any kind of change requires planning and preparation. The digital transformation process requires much planning and preparation, and it also requires the determination to see the process through.

Digital transformation should be part of your overall business strategy. It should not be something that you do, but something that you are doing. It should not be a separate initiative, but rather a continuous part of all your initiatives. Otherwise, it will not work and it will not lead to real transformation for your business.