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Digital Transformation Unit

A digital transformation unit is what you need to form if you are planning to transform your company. This unit will spearhead your efforts. How is that so? How do you form one?

Digital Transformation Unit

What is a digital transformation unit? It is a small team that spearheads the transformation of your company to digital. This transformation is aimed at making your business more efficient and effective.

The unit is the brainchild of the HR department. It is a smaller group of people who are tasked to spearhead the digital transformation of your organization. This team should be composed of individuals who are well versed with the effort to be made.

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Digital Transformation Unit: The Members

Team members are not necessarily executives or managers. They are employees who have shown potential in their field. They are also employees who have good relations with their co-workers and with management.

The team leader should be an executive or manager, but can also be an employee who is passionate about the transformation process. The team leader must have the right skills to transform happen. 

Team members should be able to communicate well with their co-workers. They should also be tech-savvy and knowledgeable about the Internet, social media, and digital trends.

The team leader should have good organizational skills. The team leader must be able to identify the needs of the company and how it will benefit by changing its processes into digital processes. 

What does the team do? This team will conduct interviews to determine the needs of the company. It will then come up with a list of digital tools that can help the company achieve its goals.

The team will also brainstorm ways on how to effectively use these tools. It will also conduct tests to determine which of these tools work best for the company.

How Do You Form One?

How do you form this unit? The first thing you need to do is identify who among your employees are tech-savvy, passionate about digital transformation, well versed with marketing trends, and well versed with what is trending now in social media.

These employees are ideal for this unit. You can choose to include other employees too, but make sure they are tech-savvy. You may opt to include employees from other departments as well if they are tech-savvy. But make sure you don’t include them in large numbers since you want this unit to be small enough to be effective. 

The next step is for this group of employees to come up with a list of goals that they want your company to achieve once it transforms into a digital format. Do not let them just sit down and think about it though because this is not enough time for them to produce results. 

Once your employees have produced a list, have them come up with ideas on how these goals could be achieved using digital tools that are available today. You can ask them to brainstorm on their own or you can form a group where they can share their ideas.