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Wix Answer Vs. Salesforce Essentials: Top Change Management Tools Comparison

Change management is an essential process that you as a leader must pursue. Tools like Wix Answer and Salesforce Essential can help with that journey

What Is Wix Answer?

If you are looking for a help desk software solution that has all the tools you need, then Wix Answer is one you are looking for. As part of the Wix platform, it offers you all the necessary features to support your customer service for free.

Wix Answer comes with help desk features like a ticketing system, call center, and many more. Moreover, it is designed to supports Wix users to utilize and leverage their own desk support.

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This amazing tool can level up your customer’s support platform, creating your own help center that is right for the branding, support channels, tickets management, soon. Also, it has the right support for the company’s website, administration call, etc.

Wix Answers Features And Benefits

  • Ticket Management for Multiple Channels

With Wix Answers, you effortlessly streamline all of your customers support tickets in different channels. These include social media platforms, phone, and email. Moreover, by correctly tracking those tickets, you immediately respond to your customer needs and wants.

  • Built-in Call Center Support

Wix Answers allows you to merge all of your support channels in a single customer support platform. In this way, you can easily optimize the company’s system and knowledge base with your built-in call center.

  • Access To Actionable Insights

This brilliant tool offers you a centralized system that empowers you to have a clear and powerful insight into your company process. It also includes service and activities of customers, products, and support. Thus, you can easily come up with the right decision when facing challenges and difficulties.

Wix Answers Pricing Plans:

As part of website builder, Wix, Wix Answers is absolutely free for its users.

What Are Salesforce Essentials?

As part of Salesforce 2017 modules alongside Sales/Service Cloud, Salesforce Essentials is created to help you, if you happened to have a small business, sell product faster and better. Moreover, it equipped with apps that are intelligence, offering better customer support while managing all support channels in one go.

Salesforce Essentials offers its excellent service with support teams tools and ability to take care of customers. Also, it comes with other features like customers support across channels, extends consistent customer experiences, extends consistent customer experiences, and more.

Salesforce Essentials Features and Benefits

  • Support Customers across Channels

When it comes to customer service, you need to manage and organize all the requests that your customers want across different channels.  With Salesforce Essentials, it brings multichannel support that allows you to work more efficiently while solving issues proficiently.

  • Provide Consistent Experiences

There is no denying that customers and visitors nowadays have different demand than in the past. They demand a digital experience that they never felt before.

Salesforce Essentials comes with cohesion and connectivity across touch points feature which empowers you to connect and communicate with customers in real time. Additionally, it can create similar support scenarios every time you need.

  • Extend Customer Self-Service

There will be just a moment when your customer wants to simply solve the problems that they are tired of. These include the accurate answer to a product-related question or other similar things. Salesforce Essentials can ensure that this problem is solved by offering an easy-to-navigate support portal to your customer right away.

Furthermore, this brilliant tool enables you to create an information page like FAQs and public Q&A Forum. Thus, it allows your customers to connect with the company while also stay associated with each other.

Salesforce Essentials Pricing Plans:

Salesforce Essentials comes with the free trial. As for another plan, it has Service Cloud Essentials for $25/user/month.


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